Drie Berge Winery

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R318 Bordeaux Western Cape 33000 ZA

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday:  08h00 – 17h30
Saturday:  09h00 – 13h00
Public Holidays: 

General info

Proprietor: Paul Jordaan
General Manager: Paul Jordaan
Marketing:  Paul Jordaan
Brands:  Drie Berge; Montagu
Wines:  Drie Berge 3 Year Brandy;  Drie Berge 5 Year Brandy; Montagu Muscadel

More about us

Drie Berge Winery is nestled in the beautiful Baden Valley on the farm Bordeaux which is located on the R318 near Montagu in the Western Cape and close to the famous Route 62.

We pride ourselves in having achieved gold medals from the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits awards for our famous brandy and muscadel.

Drie Berge naam.jpg 6 years ago
Drie Berge vat.jpg 6 years ago
Drie Berge produkte.jpg 6 years ago
Drie Berge vat 2.jpg 6 years ago
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