Montagu Wine & Spirits Co

Dienerlaan Montagu Western Cape 6720 ZA

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday:
Public Holidays:
09h00 – 16h00
09h00 – 12h45
09h00 – 12h45. Closed on Good Friday, 25 & 26 December and New Year.

General info

Proprietor:  MWSC shareholders
Sales:  Chrislene Visser
Winemaker:  Carlo Sciocatti
Wine Tourism:  Wine tasting and sales.
Area under vines:  150 ha
Production:  250 ton
Brands:  John Montagu; Uitvlucht
Wines: Selection of white and red wine. Potstill brandy. Muscadel.

More about us

In 2010,  the historic Uitvlucht Winery, amalgamated with the Rietrivier Winery, 20km out of town along the Cape R62, to become Montagu Wine and Spirits. The aim of this winery is to keep up with trends and produce wine for ultimate enjoyment, reflected in our colourful, trendsetting labels.

Today, about 70 producers supply grapes for the production of the wines, the furthest 60km apart. The vineyards are situated 400m to 700m above sea level, the Koo region being the highest and coldest with snow in the winter. Due to the hilly and sometimes mountainous terroir, viticulturists choose from a wide range of slopes when considering the best location for specific cultivars. A variety of meso climates can be identified ranging from secluded areas high up in the mountains to the lower riverbeds in the valleys. The daily winds in the afternoon ensures good air circulation, prevents relative high humidity and excessively high temperatures from developing in vine canopies.

This contributes to the optimal environment for physiological ripening of grapes and for the synthesis of colour, flavour and aroma compounds. This diversity of climate, topography and terroir ensure that the cellar can choose from a vast array of grape styles and quality to make the wines for ultimate enjoyment.


Our tastingroom

MWS is proud to present our tasting room, built into the old historic cement wine tanks. We want to invite you to come and enjoy our wine; you might be pleased to see the excellent prices we are offering our visitors.


Meet the winemaker

Carlo Sciocatti

Carlo Sciocatti is a winemaker at MWS in Montagu. He has a passion for wine and would like to share his wine knowledge with people.

His favourite wine from the cellar

He likes an in your face red wine that carries through from the nose to the pallet.

More about Carlo

He is a very open and friendly people’s person and loves animals, golfing and predicts rugby scores on superbru. His pets are two Nguni cattle, an Australian cattle dog, a Dutch hound and a ginger cat.

Meet the tasting room personnel

Chrislene Visser

Chrislene Visser is the manager of the tasting room at MWS.

Her favourite wine from the cellar

She loves their New Rouge 5l BIB Red wine. It is an elegant, well-rounded, every day drinking wine, especially with pasta and pizza – her favourite food….

More about Chrislene

She has a vibrant personality, is people orientated and have a very positive outlook on life type.

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