A story of love and innovation. At De Krans Wines, port- style wines are part of our heritage. It was inevitable really, with our climate and our soil, that we would gravitate towards Portuguese grape varieties. It is how we came to be who we are today – one of the most awarded and respected port-style wine and Portuguese dry wine producers in South Africa. Above all, we love port-style wines. We are passionate about it, and like anything in life, if you are passionate about something, you want to share that passion, that love. You want others to experience it, and to fall in love, too. That’s how the De Krans P&T was born – a love story for the ages, a passion burning so bright that it needed to be shared. A gentle passing of the torch from the old to the young – so that they, too, may come to love and appreciate port-style wines. At De Krans Wines, port- style wines are our heritage. It is also our future. It may not be the future we envisioned, but sometimes, if you are open to change and if you embrace uncertainty, you may end up pleasantly surprised, and perhaps even more passionate than ever.

Why a P&T? Created to contribute to de-mystifying port-style wines, consumers, especially the younger generation who enjoy cocktails and ready-to-drink beverages, will no doubt embrace the opportunity to try this exciting, new way of enjoying port-style wines, as this product will also increase the accessibility of the port-style category to a much broader, and younger audience. What better way to combine the old and the new than presenting De Krans Cape White port-style wine (made from 56 year old Malvasia Rei vines) in the form of a RTD (ready-to-drink), resulting in South Africa’s first P&T, or Port-style and Tonic. We have also realized that consumers actually want to try a lovely chilled port-style cocktail, but may end up not wanting to blend it themselves.  This is where this attractive and convenient 275ml glass bottle of De Krans P&T comes in – it is ready to drink! We recommend serving this premium RTD super chilled as is, or spice it up and add your own garnish to enhance the flavour and taste.  

What makes our P&T so special?  The De Krans Premium P&T™ is the only ready-to-drink port-style wine and tonic in South Africa. This is a sparkling, naturally sweet, premixed product with an alcohol of 6%. It boasts fresh flavours of passion fruit, pineapple, peaches and citrus, with the iconic and familiar bitterness of the tonic flavour on the aftertaste. We are proud to announce that all the flavourings are natural and that no artificial flavours are used. With a good acidity and balancing sugar content coming from the Cape White, this is a delicious, exciting new product to celebrate life’s moments – it doesn’t matter how big or small. The De Krans P&T is packaged in a 275ml flint bottle with a silver crown cap. It is available in carry packs of four bottles each, and available in 6 x 4 carry packs from the farm, through the trade, or our online shop. The De Krans P&T has a plastic-free packaging that is 100% recyclable, and retails for approximately R35 per bottle.

For more information, or to shop online, please visit www.dekrans.co.za

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